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Stock Brokers - Foreign


This is a collection of internationally based online and off-line stock brokers and investment advisors doing business in various countries.

Agora CTVM (Brazil)
If you wish to trade in Brazilian stocks this major broker in Brazil can cater to international investors.

Caja de Arquitectos Spain
Full service broker specializing in trading Spanish securities. Also offers information on the Spanish markets.

Comdirect Germany
Full service broker in Germany offering trading and investment research services relating to German securities.

Dutt Stock Broking Limited
India's only online trading web site. Members  of the Indian National Stock Exchange.

E * Trade UK
This is the major online broker in the UK. Specializes in UK and other European securities.

KAMAL Trust Company
Provides brokerage services on the Kazakhstan securities market and investment and financial advice.

Nikko Securities, Japan
Full service broker dealing in Japanese securities.  

Rabobank Netherlands
If you wish to trade in Dutch stocks this major broker in Holland can cater to international investors.

Rye, Man & Gor
Russian equities brokerage, providing information about the Russian equity market along with daily indicators and stock quotes/charts.

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