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Dividend Reinvestment Plans


These links will help investment clubs better understand what DRIPs (Dividend Reinvestment Programs) are and how to utilize them.

Dividend Reinvestment Programs Made Simple
Find out what Dividend Reinvestment Programs (DRIPs) are, how to get one started the easy way, and why your club should care.

What is a DRIP?
Still trying to figure out what a DRIP is? The Motley Fool answers that sometimes confusing question.

DRIP Central
DRIP articles, links to services, books, newsletters, directories, chats rooms, resources, and more. Provided by Douglas Gerlach.

DRIP Investor
Find out more about this Newsletter and what it has to offer you, also view weekly commentaries, FAQ about Drips, contact information and more.

Individual Investor's Guide to DRIP Co.'s
A listing of companies with DRIP programs. Can be purchased from the American Association of Individual Investors for $10 non-members.

National Corporate Services
An index listing of Direct Purchase Plans and DRIPs of a number of companies. Links to corporate pages and 800 numbers are listed.

The DRIP Advisor
More information on how to invest in DRIPs and which stocks they are currently available for.

What Are Dividend Reinvestment Plans?
They maybe Fools but they know what they're talking about. Information on DRIPs, portfolios, daily write-ups, and more. Excellent resource.

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