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How To Find Out If You Have Unclaimed Money or Property


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Search Online for Unclaimed Money or Property

What if you don't even know you HAVE unclaimed money or property? Most states have a Web site that tells you how to find out if you have unclaimed money or property in that state, and approximately half the states have searchable online databases so you can find out instantly whether the state is holding unclaimed money or property in your name. Some Web sites allow you to search for unclaimed money or property free, so although you'll see services that will search for you for a fee (usually a percentage of what they find), it's not necessary to use them.

The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA) has excellent advice on how to deal with letters from "finders" who offer to help you get unclaimed money or property for a fee (click on "About Finders" on the NAUPA site).

Use one of these links to search for unclaimed money:

Search For Unclaimed Money

Missing Money

Approximately half the states participate in this service. Links are provided to the unclaimed money or property Web sites of all states (including those that don't participate in this database) so you can obtain contact information. When searching, try using all possible variations of your name, including previous maiden or married names, middle names, initials, nicknames and common misspellings. Search in the state(s) where you or your family members have lived over the years.

If a state you've lived in doesn't have an online searchable database for unclaimed money or property, write a letter to the address shown on that state's Web site for unclaimed money or property and ask them to conduct a search for you. Include your full name(s), address, social security number and information on how to reach you.

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