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Save Money on Heating Costs
Due to the rapidly escalating costs of home heating oil, propane, and kerosene, you may be paying twice as much to heat your house as you did just a few years ago. Cut your heating costs significantly by following these money-saving tips.

Dave Ramsey: One of America's Best Personal Finance Experts
If you're looking for good, sound financial advice, but you can't afford a personal financial planner or are not interested in using one, where do you turn? I recommend Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey.

1000 Best Money Secrets for Students
Learn about my latest book, "1000 Best Smart Money Secrets for Students," a personal finance guide for college students with advice on how to find money, save money, and make money.

Get Out of Debt Guide
What you need to know to get out of debt.

The Child Tax Credit: Good News for Parents in 2005
Important changes to the child tax credit for 2005 and beyond, including the amount of the child tax credit and changes in the definition of qualifying child that may change whether you can claim your child.

Highlights of 2005 Tax Changes
To avoid overpaying or getting into trouble with the IRS, be familiar with the changes in the income tax laws for 2005, even if you hire a professional tax preparer to prepare your income tax return.

Risky Mortgages: Are They For You?
Rapidly rising home prices have pushed home ownership out of reach of many people, so lenders have created a whole new generation of mortgage loans, ranging from the risky to the downright scary. Here's what to watch out for and how to tell if a risky mortgage is right for you.

New Bankruptcy Law Makes it Harder to Erase Your Debts
If you're thinking of filing for bankruptcy, it may be harder to erase your debts than you think. Here are highlights of some of the big changes that The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 made to bankruptcy law.

When Buying a Used Car, Beware of Flooded Cars
If you're in the market for a used car this year, beware flood-damaged cars that have been declared a total loss by insurance companies following the flooding in Louisiana and Mississippi caused by Hurricane Katrina. Here's how to spot them.

Real Estate Bubble or Boom?
There's lots of talk about whether areas of the US are experiencing a real estate bubble. What is a real estate bubble, and how could it affect you? Is the current housing market in a real estate bubble or is this just a normal housing boom? Learn how you can protect yourself against real estate "bubble trouble."

Changes in Series EE US Savings Bonds
Thinking of investing in Series EE Savings Bonds? You may want to think again. The US Treasury has a new policy for Series EE savings bonds issued on or after May 1, 2005.

Ten Tips for Late Starters to Build Retirement Savings
If you're one of millions of Americans who are on the other side of 40 and don't yet have a substantial retirement nest egg, don't despair. It's not too late, but time is of the essence. Here's what to do.

Top Ten Money Tips for Women
Do you rely on someone else to handle your finances? Here are ten of the most important things women can do for themselves and their financial future.

Save Money on Cooling Costs
If you have central air conditioning or a window air conditioning unit, you can cut your electric bills significantly, especially in very warm climates, by following these energy-saving cooling tips this summer.

Your Monthly Minimum Credit Card Payments May Be About To Double
Nonthly credit card minimum payments may be about to double. Get the scoop on the reason for the change, why it's both good news and bad, and how it will impact you.

Five Worst Money Mistakes To Avoid When Buying a New Car
Buying more car than you can really afford can lead you into credit card debt as you turn to credit to make ends meet. Here are the top five mistakes to avoid, and advice on knowing how much car you can really afford, whether to take the rebate or the low interest rate, and more.

Should You Buy ID Theft Insurance?
Identity theft has become a national concern and the market is being flooded with identity theft insurance, credit monitoring plans, and other services. How do you know whether you should buy identity theft protection?

Top Five Money Mistakes Made by College Students
Smart use of your money and your credit in college will enable you to spend the money you earn when you graduate on things you really want (a new car, a nice apartment or house, a great wardrobe, travel, or whatever) instead of all your disposable income going towards debt repayment. Here are the five biggest money mistakes made by college students.

Will Your Home Improvements Pay Back What They Cost?
Not all home improvements are created equal when it comes to recouping the money you put into them, so how do you know which ones will pay you back?

Financial Fraud Center
Avoid being the victim of financial fraud by keeping up to date on scams and other fraud.

Joint or Separate Checking Accounts?
Sometimes combining all income into a joint checking account can muddy the waters, add confusion and complications, and cause resentment and power struggles. So, what's a couple to do? Tips on how to decide and how to make it work.

Eight Warning Signs That You May Be Headed for Bankruptcy and Eight Tips for Avoiding It
Bankruptcy doesn't happen just to financial deadbeats. It could happen to your family member, your neighbor, your friend. It could even happen to you. Here are eight warning signs that you're headed for possible bankruptcy, and eight tips for changing course before it's too late.

Jobs for Teens and Other Ways to Make Money
If you're a teen and you'd like a little spending money or want to save money for college, and your allowance just isn't cutting it, a part-time job may be the answer. Here's a list of businesses that hire teens plus ideas for starting your own business.

Five Smart Moves for Recent College Grads
If you're graduating from college, congratulations! Here's a free graduation gift: five smart money moves for graduates.

Six Ways to Prepare Now for Rising Interest Rates
Interest rates have been at historic lows for years, enticing people to spend more on credit, but rates are headed up. What will higher interest rates do to your personal finances? Take steps now to soften the blow.

Nine Ways to Improve Your FICO Credit Score and Four Reasons Why You Want To
Everywhere you turn, you hear and read about FICO credit scores. Are they really that important if you're not in the market for a loan or credit card? The answer is yes: a poor score costs you more.

13 Ways to Save Money on Gas
The cost of commuting, running errands, or vacationing by car has risen sharply with higher gasoline prices, but you can significantly lower your driving costs and save 25% or more with these gas-saving tips.

Top Money Issues for Singles
Whether you're single because you've never married, or are suddenly single due to divorce or death, money management is critical. You have only yourself to depend on for income, goal-setting, decision-making, and retirement planning. Here are the issues that most need your attention.

Broke! College Money Guide
A college student's guide to getting by on less: advice for college students from college students who have been there, done that.

The Family CFO
According to the authors of "The Family CFO," the best way to manage your personal finances is to treat your family as a business, with a business plan, a Board of Directors, a Chief Financial Officer, an organizational chart, job descriptions, and standard operating procedures. Read about this fresh and innovative approach to managing your money.

Financial Guru Suze Orman: What Makes Her America's Best Personal Finance Expert?
Why I think Suze Orman is the one personal finance expert you should take advice from.

An Overview of College Financial Aid
If you believe a college education is out of your reach because of the cost, think again. A tremendous number of financial resources can help make your dream of a college degree a reality.

Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars With Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payments
You've heard the hype about saving tens of thousands of dollars in interest by making bi-weekly mortgage payments, but did you know that you can achieve these savings without changing your current mortgage or paying any fees? Here's how to do what every homeowner should be doing to build home equity more quickly, and what to watch out for.

Start Investing With Very Small Amounts of Money
If you want to get started in investing but don't have a chunk of change to plop down for a significant investment, you're not doomed to waiting until your cash flow improves. Here's how you can become a stockholder and start investing with as little as $25.

What Makes a Good Budget?
In all the budget bloopers and blunders I've seen, the same few problems keep rearing their ugly heads. To avoid them, here are the top ten most important features of a successful budget.

What To Do When You Can't Pay Your Income Taxes Due
What happens if April 15th rolls around and you just can't come up with the money necessary to pay the Federal income taxes you owe? Read why the WORST and most costly thing you can do is to do nothing, and find out what alternatives are available to you.

Save Money on Banking
You probably don't give much thought to the cost of banking: monthly checking account fees, ATM fees, bounced-check fees, check printing, etc., but if you can shave banking expenses, you can put the money in your own pocket. Here are my tips for cutting banking fees.

Buying a Home
If you're planning to buy a home, be prepared for closing costs. Don't get to the settlement table only to find you don't have enough money. Here's what to expect.

The Everything Personal Finance in Your 20s and 30s Book
Erase your debt, personalize your budget, and plan now to secure your future, with this new book written by your About.com Guide to Financial Planning.

Your FICO Credit Score
What you don't know about your FICO credit score can not only prevent you from getting the loan or credit you want, it can also cost you money.

Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring
Whoever said "love hurts" must have fallen victim to one of the jewelry industry's clever marketing techniques. Don't be sucked in and wind up spending more than you can afford when buying a diamond engagement ring.

Neither a Borrower Nor a Spender Be
It's spending, not low income, that is at the root of most financial problems. Here's the simple solution.

Your Car Payment Can Keep You From Owning Your Own Home
Find out why so many young people are unable to qualify for a mortgage because of their car payments and how you can avoid having to choose between new wheels or digs you can call your own.

The Child Tax Credit
Many families with kids are getting some welcome, though temporary, tax relief with an increase in the Child Tax Credit. Find the answers to all your questions here.

Emergency Funds
If you don't have an emergency fund equal to three to six months worth of basic living expenses, there's no time like the present to get started. Find out why you need one, how much you need, where to keep it, and the secret to saving money.

Top 10 Money Management and Financial Planning Issues for Singles
Whether you're single because you've never married, or are suddenly single due to divorce or death of a spouse, money management and financial planning are critical. Here are the top ten issues that most need your attention.

College Credit Crisis
Who knew that you'd still be paying off your pizza tab ten years after you graduate? Avoid piling up debt caused by the use of student credit cards or student loan money to pay for basic expenses.

Good News for Married Couples
The Tax Act of 2003 ends the marriage tax penalty for many couples.

Laddering Certificates of Deposit
CD laddering is a smart way to protect yourself against fluctuations in interest rates while giving you the security of knowing that you will be able to access at least some of your money within a relatively short time frame.

Deciding to Seek Credit Counseling
Should you seek the services of a consumer credit counseling agency? Find out what they can do for you and how to choose a reputable agency.

The Urge to Splurge
Are you an impulse spender? Impulse spending, or recreational shopping, can put a strain on both your finances and your relationships. Try this simple trick to control the urge to splurge.

No Credit? No Problem!
A secured credit card is one way to establish a credit history, but it's not the only way. Here are tips on how to establish credit in your own name.

Don't Throw Away Your 401(k)!
Millions of Americans threaten their financial future by failing to rollover 401(k) funds when they change jobs. You can avoid making this mistake.

Biggest Budget Busters
There are three things that will set you up for failure in the Battle of the Budget before you even begin. Get them under control and budgeting will empower you to meet your financial dreams and goals.

Shop Safely Online
Uncomfortable using your credit card to shop online? If you follow these simple safety guidelines, making online purchases can be safer than using your credit card in a restaurant.

Money Saving Tips: Heating Costs
If you live in a region that's cold in the winter, heating costs take a big bite out of your budget due to escalating energy costs. You can save a chunk of change by following these money-saving tips related to heating your home.

Income Tax Refund Loans
Income tax refund loans (instant refunds) are a consumer rip-off. If you're tempted by them, read this article first.

The Secret to Budgeting Successfully
It's all in the attitude, dude! If you jump into budgeting without a positive attitude about it, chances are high that you'll give up before you've seen the difference a budget or spending plan can make in your life. The secret is to work on your attitude first.

Don't Date Your Way Into Debt
Dating is expensive, and you can date yourself right into debt. These fun, inexpensive ideas for great dates will spark your creativity without depleting your cash.

The Psychology of Spending Money
Discover the real culprit behind your urge to splurge. If there are psychological factors in your spending, following a debt reduction plan is like wearing perfume to cover body odor. It treats only the symptoms, not the underlying cause.

Annual Financial Checkup
Are you on the road to financial freedom or do you need to make a U-turn? Do this annual financial checkup to find out.

101 Ways to Save Money: Your Car-related Expenses
Part 3 in the "101 Ways to Save Money" series shows you how to save thousands of dollars on car-related expenses, for maintenance to insurance.

Twelve Reasons Budgeting Can Improve Your Life
Ever wonder why you should bother to budget? Here are twelve compelling reasons, from keeping you out of debt to improving your sex life.

Dividing Retirement Plan Assets in a Divorce
Retirement savings are one of the largest assets many people own, and therefore are an important issue in divorce proceedings. Find out what you need to know to legally protect your share of your spouse's retirement funds.

Protect Yourself From Lending Scams
Nobody is immune from being the target of financial fraud, but you can protect yourself from these common scams.

Co-signing a Loan: What You Need to Know Before You Sign On the Dotted Line
You may be surprised at the risks you take when you co-sign a loan. You can't make an informed decision unless you know what you're risking when you sign on the dotted line.

So You Want To Be Your Own Boss?
There are a few financial basics you should know if you're planning to start your own business.

Do You Know the Warning Signs of Too Much Debt?
Don't be lulled into a false sense of security that you don't have a debt problem just because you pay your bills on time and you can manage your monthly minimum credit card payments. Recognize these warning signs of too much debt.

Your Credit Report
It's important to know what's on your credit report, how to fix errors, and how to improve your credit history if it's not exactly squeaky clean.

Are You Paying Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)?
If you own your home and you didn't make a down payment of at least 20%, you are probably paying PMI to protect your lender from possible default. Know when and how to cancel PMI to save yourself thousands of dollars.

Home Equity Loans
Before you borrow on the equity in your house by taking out a home equity loan, know the downside.

Leasing a Car Versus Buying
Which method is right for you? Here's what you need to know to determine if you'll come out ahead by leasing.

Talking To Your Aging Parents About Finances
It's almost inevitable: at some point your parents are going to need your help with financial or health care issues. If your parents are in their 60s or older, it's time to have "the talk." Here's what you need to know before they need your help.

All About Budgets
Get into the Budget Zone with this collection of links to articles that will help you get motivated, set up a budget, and stay motivated to stick with it.

Stop Paying To Use Your Own Money
It's costing you more every year to have access to your own money. ATM fees and surcharges are steadily increasing, building profits for the banks and costing the average family hundreds of dollars a year. Stop paying for the use of your own money!

Top Personal Finance Magazines
If you've ever picked up a personal finance magazine and felt overwhelmed (or dreadfully bored), don't give up. There are a few good ones out there that provide valuable financial planning advice for the average person without putting you to sleep!

Building a Balanced Financial Plan
Stop letting your attitude, fears, or lack of knowledge keep you from financial success. Learn the simple secrets to getting started on building a balanced financial plan and sticking with it, with the three-legged stool of financial planning.

The Tax Man Cometh
All the resources you need to prepare your income tax returns, ensure that you don't pay a penny more than necessary, and get your refund quickly.

Top Personal Finance Software
Using personal finance software brings your money management to a whole new level. From complex to simple, you'll find a program here that meets your needs.

Before You Buy Tax Preparation Software
Before you buy tax preparation software, you need to make sure your computer has the necessary system requirements, and you'll want to consider which program will best suit your personal needs at the least cost.

Product Review: Turbo Tax Deluxe
Get the scoop on this tax preparation software, rated five stars by your financial planning Guide.

Best Tax Preparation Software
It's easier than ever to prepare your own tax returns with one of these top three tax preparation software programs.

Top Ten Books About Money
There are literally hundreds of books out there about managing your money. How do you choose? Here are my top picks for personal finance books that will really help you be more financially successful.

Losing Your Job Without Losing Your Shirt
Nobody is immune from sudden job loss anymore, and everyone should be prepared for the possibility. Here's how to be prepared without being paranoid, and what to do if the worst does happen.

How To Contact The IRS
Looking for your missing tax rebate check? Wondering when you can expect your refund? Haven't received last year's refund? Have a question about estimated taxes? Need an IRS form? You need to contact the IRS, and here's how to do it.

Balancing Your Checkbook
How important is it to balance your checkbook each month? It's one of the most basic money management tasks, yet many people don't do it. If you're one of them, here's the reason it's important and step-by-step instructions.

Tying the Knot: A Financial To Do List for Newlyweds
Once the excitement of the wedding is over, what important tasks should be on a newlywed couple's financial To Do list?

Best Financial Moves: 15-year Versus 30-Year Mortgage
You can own your home free and clear before your kids start college or before you retire, and save a significant chunk of change over the life of your mortgage, perhaps as much as $100,000.

Make the Most of Your Income Tax Rebate/Refund
It's a shame to fritter away your income tax refund, so if you're expecting one this year, here are some ideas on how to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Best Places to Stash Your Cash
Where do you put your short-term savings? In your checking or savings account? In a certificate of deposit? Money market fund? Or, go ahead and admit it, under your mattress? Earn the best interest.

Protect Your Personal Financial Information
Is it okay with you if your bank, insurance company, or credit card company sells your social security number, credit card spending habits, account balances, or income information to others for marketing purposes? Your privacy is in great danger!

Changing Jobs and Your 401(k)
The wrong move can cost you thousands in taxes, penalties, and forfeited employer matches. Find out how to maximize your 401(k) money when considering a job change.

The Epidemic of Affluenza
Do you suffer from stress, overwork, debt, compulsive shopping, or failed relationships? You may be suffering from a contagious epidemic called "affluenza." Find out if you have it and how you can treat it.

Lower Mortgage Interest Rates: What Should You Be Doing to Take Advantage of Them?
The feds have dropped interest rates five times in the last few months for a total of 2.5 percentage points. Should you be doing something (like refinancing your mortgage) to take advantage of the lower rates? What are the best moves to make now?

Couples and Money
Many people will talk about anything, even sex, before they'll talk about money. Jean Chatzky, author of "Talking Money," columnist for Money magazine, and regular on the Today show, offers advice to prevent financial issues from coming between you and your partner.

Prepare For Your Financial Future
You've heard the hype about the demise of Social Security. Will Social Security be around when it's time for you to collect? And how much can you expect to receive in retirement benefits? You need to know in order to prepare for your future financial security.

Get Out of Debt
To get out from under the burden of debt, you need to face the uncomfortable (and perhaps downright ugly) truth: it may take you 30 years to pay off that credit card balance. How? By paying the minimum balance. But there IS a way out.

Plan an Affordable, Memorable Wedding
The average wedding in the US costs $19,000. Can you have a beautiful, memorable wedding for less? Of course! All it takes is careful planning, a little research, a dose of practicality, and a wedding budget.

Collecting Child Support
Divorce breaks the bond of marriage. It does NOT break the bond of parenthood. Yet millions of Americans are plunged into poverty and bankruptcy due to unpaid child support. Don't be one of them.

Reduce Your Income Taxes: Itemize Deductions
Part of sound financial planning is ensuring that you don't pay more taxes than necessary. Itemizing your deductions is one of the best ways to do that.

Bankruptcy: How It Works, How to Prevent It
Sometimes bankruptcy is the only way out of a crushing financial burden caused by job loss, medical bills, or other circumstances that are out of our control. Here's an overview of bankruptcy and tips on how to prevent it.

Can You Afford to Have Kids?
If you considered only the financial implications of having kids, you might end up childless. Financial experts say a home is the biggest investment you'll ever make, but they're forgetting about the cost of raising children. The key is planning.

You Can Retire Rich
The average American today can retire rich, simply by participating in a 401(k) plan. Here's how and why you should see your employer today about enrolling.

The Secret to Saving Money: You CAN Save For Your Future
Think you don't have enough extra money to have a savings plan? Nearly everyone can manage to save regularly in order to meet their financial goals by following these simple "secrets."

Top Ten Financial Tips: Keys to Financial Success
There's no magic to financial success; sticking to the basics is all it takes. Here are my top ten financial tips to ensure your financial success.

Get Money You're Entitled To
Billions of dollars in lost or unclaimed money is sitting in state coffers waiting for the owners to claim it. Some of it might be yours. Find out if you have unclaimed money or property and how to go about claiming it.

Get Started in Investing
Do you hear others talking about their investments and wonder how they got started? How'd they come up with the money? How'd they know what to invest in? Many people don't know where to start, so they never start at all. Don't be one of them.

Maximize Your Employment Benefits
We all know that budgeting, saving, and investing are basic elements of sound financial planning, but sometimes we overlook things that can have a profound effect on our financial situation, like employer-provided benefits.

Tweak Your Income Tax Withholding
Avoid interest and penalties caused by under-withholding, and don't lend your hard-earned money to Uncle Sam.

Stay Out of Debt This Holiday Season
Using credit cards for holiday gifts leads to impulse spending and buying more than you can really afford. It can take months to pay off the debt. This financial "holiday hangover" can be avoided with a few simple steps.

How to Get a Pay Raise
You probably won't get a raise unless you ask for one, but HOW you ask is key to your success. Get the skinny on how to get the raise.

Save Money: Cut Banking Costs
Computers are changing the way we do banking, but some things, like bank fees, continue to eat into our budgets. Here are some money-saving ideas and information about online banking.

Money and the College Student
A college degree is no guarantee of an ability to manage your money wisely. It takes effort and discipline, and the time to start is now.

101 Ways to Save Money: Credit Cards
It's easier to save money than it is to make it. Here's the second installment in the Money Saving Series to help you identify ways to save money in every area of your life.

Financial Issues of Divorce
Advice on dividing property and debts, tax issues, retirement issues, a warning about dishonest spouses, and divorce resources.

Top Ten Online Financial Calculators
Online calculators can tell you everything from whether you should save money or pay off debt, to whether you'll have enough money to retire. These are my personal top ten favorites.

The High Cost of Using Credit Cards
Don't get caught up in credit card offers that are "too good to pass up." Credit has its place, but using it unwisely can cripple you financially for the rest of your life. Find out what the credit card companies don't want you to know.

Tax Record Keeping
Record keeping advice you can use all year. Make tax preparation easier with these tips on what records to keep and how long to keep them.

Financial Fraud: Scams and Schemes
As hard as you work to make money and as difficult as it is to save it, the last thing you want to do is lose any of it through fraud. Protect yourself from hackers, thieves, and gangsters.

Financial Advice for Your 50s and 60s
Your kids have left the nest and you're planning to retire in the next 10 to 15 years. What should you do to make sure your golden years will be financially secure?

Insuring Your Life
Cut through the bewildering array of information about life insurance and learn how to choose the coverage that is best for you and your family.

Save Money On Long Distance Calls
Long distance plans are constantly changing, so it pays to do a long distance check-up every six months or so to ensure you're still getting the best deal. You can do most of the work online.

Financial Advice For Your 30s and 40s
The second article in this series focuses on staying on track with your financial goals and planning for a secure retirement.

Choosing the Best Mortgage
A mortgage is a mortgage is a mortgage, right? Wrong! With all the mortgage products on the market today, make sure you choose the best one for you. Also, links to mortgage calculators and rate quotes.

Financial Advice For Your 20s
You don't have to be in your 20s to benefit from the advice in this first article in a series about financial planning throughout your life.

101 Ways to Save Money: Your Home
It's easier to save money than it is to make it. Here's the first installment in the Money Saving Series to help you identify ways to save money in every area of your life.

Budgets Are For Sissies
Before you throw out your budgeting software and head to the mall on a spending spree, read on.

Health Insurance Choices
HMO, PPO, POS. What are all these confusing terms and what do they mean to your health and your wallet?

The Net Worth Statement: Your Financial Snapshot
A Net Worth Statement is a snapshot of your current financial situation, and will give you important clues about where you should concentrate your financial planning efforts.

Financially Fit: Resolutions for the New Millennium
What could be more important than being financially fit? And what could be better than a new year for setting goals? How about a new century? Or a new millennium?

Suddenly Single: Death and Divorce
In the midst of dealing with the grief and pain of the loss of a spouse, what pressing financial matters do you need to address?

You Can Afford to Stay Home With Your Kids
If you or your spouse want to stay home and raise your kids, but think you can't afford to, you're not alone. But you may be mistaken in thinking that you couldn't get by on one salary.

Save Money on Your Next Car
Use the Web to save time and money on the purchase of your next new or used car.

So Happy Together: Financial Issues for Unmarried Couples
You may be unwed, but don't be unwise. Know the financial and legal issues facing unmarried couples.

Dollars and Cents for Kids
How to teach your kids about money and help them become financially successful adults.

Marriage: Tying the Financial Knot
Marriage means mingling your money. Doing it well can mean the difference between wedded bliss and divorce court.

Think Retirement!
Start planning your retirement now, or you may spend your golden years working at the golden arches for minimum wage.

Guilt-free Budgeting: No Blame, No Shame
A budget is simply summarizing how you spend your money and creating guidelines for spending. Here's how to set up one that works.

Dealing With Divorce
The true cost of divorce is its effect on the family, but it's also very costly financially. Knowing how to protect yourself can make it less expensive and perhaps less painful.

Where There's a Will...
Up to 70% of Americans don't have a will. Here's why you should have one, and how to get started.

Financing Your Child's College Education
How you can finance the $100,000 price tag of your child's college education.

Using the Net to Manage Your Debt
Obtain credit and manage your debts without leaving your PC.

Choosing a Financial Planner
Everyone needs a financial plan, but not everyone needs a financial planner. Do you? And if so, how do you choose one?

Savings Bonds: A Good Investment?
Millions of Americans buy Savings Bonds, but should they?

Overcoming the Financial Gender Gap
Prince Charming isn't coming. Women need to take responsibility for their own financial security.

What Do You Know About Money?
Find out why adults and students flunked an important economics and personal finance test, and what you can do about it.

A Tour of the Financial Planning Site
A quick tour of the site and how it can help you handle your finances.

Building a Financial Safety Net
Protect yourself and your family from financial disasters by building a financial safety net.

Financial Goals
"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" was never more true than when it comes to finances. Get on track with these four easy steps to an effective financial plan.

To Roth or Not to Roth
Break through the avalanche of information about Roth IRAs and determine whether to Roth or not.

"Budget" is not a four letter word; it's the only way to take control of your finances and gain financial freedom, and you need one whether you make thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

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