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How To Fill Out Form W-4


All About Budgets
Links to extensive information and articles about successful budgeting.

Budget Worksheet
A helpful budget worksheet to help you categorize your expenses and track your income and spending.

Budgeting-The First Step in Personal Financial Planning
Why a budget is critical to financial success, and how to go about setting one up.

Budgets Are For Sissies
Advice from The Tooheys, listed by Money Magazine as among the best personal finance managers in the country.

Guilt-Free Budgeting
How to budget without feeling guilty or feeling like you're on a money diet.

How To Set Up A Successful Budget
A quick how-to article on how to set up a successful budget quickly and easily.

A collection of links to some of the best budgeting information on the internet.

Frugal Living's Budget Links
An excellent collection of budgeting links from About.com's Guide to Frugal Living.

Budget Example
A budget example, by line item, with explanations of each category.

Budget Worksheet
A worksheet for doing a basic budget, simple enough for even the financially challenged!

Budget Your Way to Financial Freedom
Rethinking your ideas of what is essential to the good life provides the best opportunities for saving money.

Budgeting Basics
Explains the budgeting process, budgeting systems, and tips.

Budgeting 101
Budgeting basics. You've heard it all before, but if you're not following a budget, perhaps you need to hear it once more?

Budgeting for College
Tips for increasing your income, maintain a steady cash flow, and planning for the future while you're in college. Includes a budgeting worksheet.

Budgeting for Students
Very basic budgeting information and simple budgeting forms for college students or anyone who wants to start small.

Budgeting Myths
If you've avoided budgeting because it reminds you too much of being on a diet, read these budgeting myths.

Budgeting on an Unknown Income
How do you budget if your income is unknown (commission-based, for example), or unpredictable? Cash Flo has advice.

Budgeting Tips
Seven budgeting tips, and a budgeting worksheet.

Budgeting Without a PC
Don't have a computer? Here's a step-by-step budgeting plan using good old-fashioned paper and pen.

Budgeting With a PC
How to get started using your PC and personal finance software to budget and plan your finances.

Budgets and Divorce
The cold, hard truth about divorce and budgets. Know in advance what you'll be facing after the divorce.

Cash Flow Calculator
The first step in controlling your expenses is seeing how they match up with your income. This cash flow calculator will give you the cold, hard facts.

Commonsense Budgeting
Common sense hints for setting up and sticking to a budget, from Consumer Alert.

Creating a Budget
Solid basic advice for starting a budget.

Finding the Fat in Your Budget
Where to look for the least painful places to cut costs.

Getting the Most From Your Budget
Wise advice for controlling your spending, from Family Money.

How to Get Started
A brief overview of how to get started on the budgeting process. If you're having trouble feeling motivated, start here.

Living By A Budget
One woman's wake up call about the importance of budgeting.

Maintaining the Budget Habit
Tips on permanently incorporating the budget habit into your life.

Money Diets Don't Work
Putting yourself on a strict money diet can backfire. Advice on how to come up with a budget you can stick to.

Monthly Budget Stretchers
Ideas for temporarily stretching your monthly budget when your money falls short.

Plan for Predictable, Non-routine Expenses
For your budget to succeed, you must plan for predictable, but non-routine expenses. Tips on budgeting for these expenses.

Spending Guidelines by Category
Compare the percentage of your income you spend in certain categories to national averages. Just be careful about trying to conform your spending to these averages.

The Joy (No Joke!) of Budgeting
The Motley Fool shares his wisdom on the joy of budgeting.

What is a Budget?
A brief overview of budgeting concepts: what is a budget, the budgeting process, and keys to a successful budget.

Where Does Your Money Go?
Recapture the money that slips through your fingers, define your financial goals, and come up with a practical plan for reaching them.

Why Budget?
What's in it for you? Seven benefits of budgeting. A quick, easy read.

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