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Information and advice on financial issues in marriage and families.
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FAQ: With the same income, I would pay $600 less in taxes if I were still single. What gives?
How the marriage tax penalty results in higher taxes for married couples.
Money Guide for Couples
Money Guide for Couples
Joint or Separate Checking Accounts?
Should You and Your Spouse Have Joint or Separate Checking Accounts? Tips on How to Decide and How to Make It Work
Can You Afford To Have Kids?
How to plan financially for a new baby.
You Can Afford To Stay Home With Your Kids
What's that second family income really costing you? How much is it really contributing to your family finances? Calculate the real cost of working and find out how you can afford to stay home with your kids.
Dollars and Sense For Kids
Teach your kids about money and help them become financially independent adults.
Financing Your Child's College Education
It IS possible to pay for your child's college education if you start early and follow this advice.
Good News for Married Couples
Say goodbye to the marriage tax penalty, good news for married couples.
The Marriage Tax Penalty
A straightforward explanation of the marriage tax penalty, with advice on how to deal with it.
Building Kids Money Skills
Teach your kids how to save and invest.
Get Money You're Entitled To
Billions of dollars in lost or unclaimed money is sitting in state coffers waiting for the owners to claim it. Some of it might be yours. Find out how to claim it.
Couples and Money
Practical steps for newlyweds to build a firm financial foundation for their marriage.
Marriage and Money
Getting married? Ensure smoother sailing with these tips on how to handle the financial aspects of your marriage.
Mingling Your Money
Advice on mingling your money in marriage.
Pre-nuptial Agreements
Nobody gets married expecting to get divorced, yet it happens all too often. Should you sign a prenuptial agreement in case it happens to you?
Remarriage and Money
The Yours, the Mine and the Ours: how to successfully merge your financial histories, habits, and values.
Second Incomes: Do They Really Pay Off?
For many, having both spouses work doesn't pay off financially, when you look at the numbers.
Spender vs. Saver
You're a saver and your spouse is a spender (or vice versa). What do you do? Try these suggestions from "Sex, Money, and Power," by Linda Barbanel.
Financial Impact of Having a Baby
How will your new baby impact you financially? And what can you do to prepare? Here's advice about your new little tax deduction.
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