1. Money
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Top 3 Personal Finance Magazines


The newsstands are filled with personal finance magazines: Forbes, Fortune, Kiplinger's, Money, SmartMoney, Your Money, Bloomberg's Personal Finance, and more. If you've ever picked one up and felt overwhelmed (or dreadfully bored), don't give up. There are a few good ones that won't put you to sleep, although I feel most of them place too much emphasis on stock and mutual fund investing and not enough on other day-to-day personal finance issues. That said, here's the best of them.

1. Money Magazine

Money magazine covers investing and spending to help readers achieve the lifestyles they want. There's an emphasis on investing and stock and mutual fund picks, with articles like "10 places to put $1,000," mutual fund ratings, etc., and enough information on retirement planning, debt management, buying/leasing cars, and other financial topics to make it appealing to those who are interested in subjects other than investing in the stock market.
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2. Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine

Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine offers down-to-earth advice on managing your money and achieving financial security. It covers topics such as saving and investing, taxes, credit and debt, home ownership, college, retirement planning, and car buying. Like Money, it has an emphasis on investing in the stock market, but offers plenty of articles on other personal finance subjects, many of them short and to the point, and very easy to read.
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3. Smart Money Magazine

SmartMoney magazine offers expert market analysis, investing strategies, personal finance advice on topics such as retirement planning, car leasing, stock picking, and more. If you're an avid magazine reader like I am, you'll want to add this magazine to your list as well, but if you must choose only one, I'd recommend either Money or Kiplinger's.
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