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Personal Finance and Money Management Basics

Advice, information, and tips on basic personal finance topics and issues, including banking, budgeting, investing, credit and debt, fraud, insurance, cars, saving, probate, mortgages and other loans, taxes, estate planning, and more.
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Guidance For Creating Your Own Personal Financial Plan
Step by step instructions for creating your own personal basic financial plan.
Top Money Tips
A collection of top money tips from the Financial Planning site
Your Annual Financial To Do List
Your Annual Financial To Do List - What You Need To Do Financially for the New Year
How To Do An Annual Financial Checkup
How To Do An Annual Financial Checkup
Dave Ramsey, One of America's Best Personal Finance Experts
Dave Ramsey, One of America's Best Personal Finance Experts
Seven Biggest Money Mistakes
Seven Biggest Money Mistakes in Accumulating Wealth
Nine Tips for Shopping Safely Online
Nine Tips to Shop Safely Online
Get Money You're Entitled To
You may have unclaimed or abandoned property in your name, waiting for you to claim it. Here's how to find out.
The Net Worth Statement: Your Financial Snapshot
A Net Worth Statement is a snapshot of your current financial situation, and will give you important clues about where you should concentrate your financial planning efforts.
Calculating Your Net Worth
A Net Worth Statement is a snapshot of your current financial situation, and will give you important clues about where you should concentrate your financial planning efforts. Here's how to calculate your net worth.
Building a Financial Safety Net
How to prevent financial disasters caused by catastrophic illness or other personal tragedies.
Setting Financial Goals
Choosing and following a course toward long-term financial goals is a basic personal finance task that goes hand-in-hand with your budget.
Building A Balanced Financial Plan
Stop letting your attitude, fears, or lack of knowledge keep you from financial success. Learn the simple secrets to getting started on building a balanced financial plan and sticking with it, with the three-legged stool of financial planning.
"Everything Personal Finance in Your 20s and 30s"
Read about this personal finance book for people in their 20s and 30s, written by About.com's Financial Planning Guide.
What Do You Know About Money?
Find out why adults and students flunked an important economics and personal finance test, and what you can do about it.
Top Ten Financial Planning Tips
Top ten keys to getting ahead financially.
Losing Your Job Without Losing Your Shirt
Nobody is immune from sudden job loss anymore, and everyone should be prepared for the possibility. Here's how to be prepared without being paranoid, and what to do if the worst does happen.
Your Annual Financial Checkup
Are you on the road to financial freedom or do you need to make a U-turn? Do this annual financial checkup to find out.
Get Started in Investing
Do you hear others talking about their investments and wonder how they got started? How'd they come up with the money? How'd they know what to invest in? Many people don't know where to start, so they never start at all. Don't be one of them.
Guide Picks - Top Ten Books About Money
There are literally hundreds of books out there about managing your money. How do you choose? Here are my top picks for personal finance books that will really help you be more financially successful.
Your Credit Report
It's important to know what's on your credit report, how to fix errors, and how to improve your credit history if it's not exactly squeaky clean.
Choosing a Financial Planner
Everyone needs a financial plan, but not everyone needs a financial planner. Find out whether you need one and what to look for if you do.
Co-signing a Loan - What You Need To Know
You may be surprised at the risks you take when you co-sign a loan. You can't make an informed decision unless you know what you're risking when you sign on the dotted line.
Where There's A Will...
Up to 70% of Americans don't have a will. Here's why you should have one, and how to get started.
So You Want To Be Your Own Boss?
There are a few financial basics you should know if you're planning to start your own business.
The Epidemic of Affluenza
Do you suffer from stress, overwork, debt, compulsive shopping, or failed relationships? You may be suffering from a contagious epidemic called "affluenza." Find out if you have it and how you can treat it.
Tweak Your Income Tax Withholding
Avoid interest and penalties caused by under-withholding, and don't lend your hard-earned money to Uncle Sam.
Financially Fit: Seven Resolutions for a New Year
The new year is an ideal time for recommitting ourselves to things that are important to us. What could be more important than being financially fit? Here are the seven most important financial resolutions.
Suze Orman: One of America's Best Personal Finance Experts
What Makes Suze Orman One of America's Best Personal Finance Experts?
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