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Bargain Sales Months By Type of Item


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Save Money By Knowing What Month Items Go On Sale

You can save a lot of money by buying items in the month that sellers traditionally reduce prices on that item. Here's a general guideline, by type of item.

Appliances: Manufacturer's introduce new lines in the spring, so dealers are trying to get rid of inventory during the winter months. Bargain Sales: December through January.

Electronics: Stores want to make room for new new merchandise that debuts at the International Consumer Electronics show the first week in January, so they're very motivated to get rid of their existing inventory, often discounting these items between 20 to 50 percent after the holidays. Bargain Sales: Late December through January.

Furniture: Sales slow down as summer ends, so dealers start marking down furniture starting Labor Day weekend. Bargain Sales: September.

School clothes and supplies: Those who wait until school is about to start will miss the bargains on school supplies. Bargain Sales: July and August.

Winter clothes: Clothing is a popular item for holiday gifts, so sales slow down after the holiday. Retailers drop prices to stimulate more sales. Bargain Sales: Late December, early January

Cars: Get bargains on new cars that are last year's models just as the new year's models are about to come out (up to 20% off) in October. More bargains take place between Christmas and New Year's as dealers put on a final push for sales before the year end. Bargain Sales: October and late December

Party dresses and dress-up clothing: Sales for party clothes tend to be peak before the holidays, so retailers drop prices after the holidays to stimulate sales. Bargain Sales: Late December, January.

White sales: Save 15 to 50% on sheets, blankets, comforters, other bedding, towels, etc. after the holidays. Bargain Sales: January.

Gifts for women and weddings: Fall is the height of the wedding season, so buying wedding gifts and wedding apparel well before that time will save you money. Bargain Sales: May.

For a printable list of of what items go on sale each month of the year, see Types of Sales by Month. For general bargain shopping strategies and rules of thumb, see Bargain Shopping Strategies.

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