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Readers Respond: The One Thing I Could Cut From My Budget

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From the article: Create a Budget
Most of us have one or more costly indulgence that's breaking on our budget -- dinners out at fine restaurants, expensive handbags or video games, or even that pricey morning latte. Before you create your budget, consider this: What is the one thing you could easily cut from your budget to save some extra cash?

How to manage your budget

I started using beta version of Home budget box www.homebudgetbox.com and figured out that I am spending a lot of money on junk food (Mc Donnalds). So that is something that I stoped using for my financial and medical good.
—Guest Petar Franc

fast food

I probably buy too much take out for lunch. I brown bag it 2-4 times a week, but could improve to 4-5
—Guest harikeri


I find myself going out for coffee and snack 3 or 4 times a week. It adds up. Drink a premium grocery store coffee instead
—Guest John


One thing I could cut from my budget is eating lunch at the restaurant where I work. Cost of food rises when gas prices rise. Making and taking my own lunch would be a lot less expensive. Luke 14:28-30 says~28 For which of you, intending to build a tower, doesn't sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it 29 lest, after he has laid the foundation, and is not able to finish, all who see it begin to mock him, 30 saying, 'This man began to build and wasn't able to finish'?
—Guest Frances

I would Cut

i would cut my spending on the things that i like and worry about things i need to survive out in this world.
—Guest Mike Jones

How I am doing it

I recently began to budget more closely and found that every month I was relying on credit to some degree by the end of the month. In order to start paying off debt I am cutting out daily starbucks, 1/4 pack less of cigarettes per day, changed to all in network providers for healthcare(out of network deductibles are really high), reduced the grocery budget, shopping for clothes is out (exception - quarterly clothes buying for 4yr old who grows out of things faster than I can buy them), less expensive birthday gifts, I am even having to save a bit less in order to invest more in my 401k. This will actually save a lot because I might actually break even on taxes, instead of writing the IRS a big fat check every April, just by saving for retirement. Learning to tell my daughter "no" helps me stick to my budget. Haven't perfected it but making progress:)

Changing brands

I switched cosmetic brands to the organic less known brand which is such as good but less popular, changed also hair dresser 50$ less expensive and go to the manicure every 5 weeks instead of 3.
—Guest Stella

Trying to save

I have recently been looking at my expenditure. Have changed brand of cigarettes which saves £1000 a year.. Switched utility company £300 a year .. Changed mobile contract £300 a year.. Using my groceries to buy competitively priced household items e.g toilet roll cat food etc which saves at Least £1000 plus being mindful every time I spend do I really need this or is there somehow I can obtain this for less e.g shop on line.
—Guest Tammy

Eating Out

We eat out so much it is appalling. Sometimes we will have leftovers from 3 different restaurants in the fridge at a time. Some of it even spoils. If we cut out fast food and restaurants and cooked instead, our food budget would easily be 1/4 of what it is now.
—Guest Mark

Things to cut in budget

Eating out and exceeding my food budget. I seem to always go over. If I could control these two, then my budget would work.
—Guest Maxine

Cut out addictive items

Five years ago I cut out smoking. Two years I have bought no alcohol. Just these two items alone have made a saving of about NZ $24,000! ~ This month, I decided to stop buying sachets of Nescafe Hazelnut coffeee, and drink plain powdered black. This will save about NZ$,000 in a year.
—Guest Louise


Ive cut going out to eat. Making this decision, hopefully, will help my budget and, help find a lot of neat recipes.
—Guest Shanda

I don't want to cut anything...

My husband and I both enjoy drinking, we are young and don't have kids and we don't see any problems with having a few drinks at night. We don't eat out anymore and I still feel like we need to cut from our budget, and the only things I can think of are things he should give up, like cigarettes, it's $35/week. I don't even spend that much on gas! I've quit getting my nails done and my weekly shopping trips, we only go out to bars with friends once every other week *which is a HUGE cut back* ..I guess we should start planning meals that last a while, like chili and tacos. Things of that sort to be dinner and lunch.. Again, I feel like i've cut enough!
—Guest ndub

Lots to cut

I would cut eating out definitely and my be cause I'm board spending
—Guest Missy

The One Thing I Could Cut From My Budget

I could do without getting my mani's and pedi's, going out to eat during the week if just absolutely necessary and cable and internet only if I absolutely cannot afford them.
—Guest CJ Kirven

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